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Ten Things to Enjoy on a Log Cabin Holiday

Windmill Lodges specialise in log cabin holidays in Suffolk. Windmill Lodges is a select development of just 7 luxuriously appointed holiday log cabins set in beautifully tended grounds, around an idyllic catch and release fishing lake in the rural village of Saxtead, near to Framlingham and Woodbridge. You can relax and unwind in true luxury here, knowing that each of our award winning 4 and 5 star log cabins comes equipped with everything you will need to ensure that your log cabin holiday is as restful, enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Our log cabins are built to the very highest standards and depending upon which one you choose, will comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, providing the ideal short break holiday for you and your family.

1. Being Immersed in Nature

There are few things more nurturing and kind to the soul than being able to get away and relax in the English countryside, regardless of the time of year. In the spring and summertime, country walks bring you the pleasures of nature at its best; vibrant and full of life and in the autumn and winter months, whilst the colours and the scenery may have changed, the beauty remains for all to see. How many times have you been enchanted as you gaze at a frosted winter scene, filled with the joys of spring, struck by the beauty of a summer meadow or found yourself lost in the ever-changing colours of an autumn forest?

2. Luxuriating in your own private hot tub

All of our lodges come complete with their very own private hot tubs. Always maintained to the highest standards, our hot tubs are a delight for the whole family. Adults love them because they are the perfect antidote to a stressful week at work or a lovely way to relax aching limbs after a long country walk and kids love them because they’re great for splashing around in. If you are holidaying as a couple or can put the kids to bed early, then you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of your own company in your own private hot tub sipping champagne as you luxuriate under the stars.

3. Visiting Suffolk's Heritage coast

Suffolk’s heritage coast is a quiet and natural place consisting of low marshes and reed beds. These are interspersed with sand and shingle beaches and the pretty little seaside towns of Dunwich, Aldeburgh and Southwold amongst others. There is calmness and serenity here and life proceeds at a delightfully slower pace than that of many other coastal regions. Visitors can take stock here as they relax into a calmer more peaceful way of life

Bird life is prevalent in the area with 3 RSPB run nature reserves at Aldeburgh, Orford, and Minsmere. Here you’ll find avocets, bitterns, and marsh harriers as well as numerous butterflies and rare wildflowers. Much of the heath land and coast, including 215 acres of cliff and sandy beach has been put in the care of the National Trust, who are charged with the job of protecting the landscape and its wildlife as well as many of the older and significant buildings in the area.

4. Snuggling up with under floor heating, gas effect fire and thick bathrobes

The solid log construction of our log cabins keeps them nice and cool in high summer and lovely and warm throughout the autumn and winter months but we provide you with more than just natural insulation. All of our lodges are fitted with a gas log effect fire and under floor heating and we also provide luxuriously thick bathrobes to add to your comfort.

The log effect fires are ideal for snuggling up in front of as they give off a lovely heat, filling the room with dancing shadows and warmth. Before long, your log cabin will be toasty warm and you’ll be enjoying the romantic glow of a roaring fire. The under floor heating in our cabins is a super touch. It means that when you wake in the mornings, you’ll be able to slip comfortably out of bed and your toes will be saved the insult of a cold hard floor.

5. Spending quality couple time together

One of the very loveliest things about holidaying as a couple, in a luxurious log cabin set deep in the Suffolk countryside, is that you get to spend every minute of every day with each other. Not as perhaps you might at home, with a myriad of distractions and things of seeming importance to interrupt, but rather, alone together, in an environment that is at once, peaceful, relaxing, nurturing, fulfilling and recharging.

Too often these days, hectic work schedules and social lives clamour for your attention, jostling for position in an attempt to get to the top of your to do list and in doing so, making you lose sight of what’s really important in life such as the simple things like togetherness, partnership, love, affection and fun. Log cabin holidays give you the chance to take your foot of the gas, to touch base with your partner, to re-acquaint yourselves with what it was that attracted you to each other in the first place.

6. Getting an early night

Busy work and social lives often eat in to evening relaxation time giving you less chance to recover from the day. This forces you to stay up later in order to wind down before going to sleep and leaves you with fewer resources to call upon for the following day. A short break in a luxurious log cabin will give you the chance to get a few early nights and help to restore a sense of balance and equilibrium to your body and mind.

7. Eating locally reared meat and fresh vegetables - cooked on the BBQ (in the summer)

The county of Suffolk is one of England’s largest natural larders. A vast range of locally made/reared, free range and organic foods are produced here including meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. Suffolk even produces its own beer, wine and ice-cream. Much of this produce can be sourced from one of the many farmers markets or farm shops in the area.

In the summer time there is nothing better that getting together with the family and cooking up a feast on the BBQ and there’s something reassuringly wholesome about knowing that the meat you are eating has been reared and cared for properly and that the vegetables were not soaked in chemicals or transported hundreds of miles before appearing on your plate.

8. Going for long, refreshing walks through gentle Suffolk countryside

Suffolk’s countryside is gently undulating, it’s not Norfolk or Lincolnshire flat, but then it’s not too hilly either. At its highest point, it is less than 130m above sea level, so it is a county given to gentle slopes and slow flowing rivers. It is what all good long walks in the country should be; not a challenge, nor a bore.

Suffolk’s heritage coast from Aldeburgh in the north to just shy of Felixstowe in the south is primarily heath land displaying all the species typical to this landscape such as heather, gorse and pine. Great swathes of it have slipped away into the sea over time and so there are many areas where walking can be hazardous but these are generally, clearly signposted and well worth a visit since the scenery can be really quite dramatic. Inland and soil turns more alkali than acidic lending itself more to deciduous treescapes and fertile arable lands.

9. Quietly contemplating life whilst fishing in our catch and release lake

Fishing is not everybody’s bag but if it happens to be yours or you’ve always fancied giving it a go, you’re in luck. Our luxuriously appointed log cabins are arranged around a sizeable 40m x 60m catch and release fishing lake which we ensure is continually well stocked with carp and tench weighing in at between 2 and 6lbs. You will not be bothered by the public or poachers since this is a private lake, solely for the use of guests staying at Windmill Lodges. You don’t need to bring any tackle with you since you can buy everything you need from our reception desk including bait, hooks and floats and you can hire the larger items like landing nets and rods. There’s even a book telling you how to do it.

10. Having a swim in our heated pool (summer months only)

For some, there can be nothing more relaxing than going for a good long swim or watching as the kids play around in the water. With this in mind we have installed a heated swimming pool which is open to guests throughout the summer months. Feel free to take the plunge whenever you feel the need.

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